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3 Reasons You May Prefer to Charter a Private Jet vs. Having Fractional Ownership

25 September 2019
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As someone who loves to fly on private or semi-private jets as opposed to taking commercial airlines, you might have thought about investing in fractional ownership of a private jet. After all, you might have decided that this is a more affordable option than purchasing a private jet, and you might like the idea of owning at least a fraction of a plane. Instead of looking into fractional ownership, though, you might just want to charter private jets when you need them for the following reasons.
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3 Useful Precautions To Take When Utilizing Boat Transportation Services

20 August 2019
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If you have a boat and are moving to another state, you may need to utilize professional boat transportation. As long as you take the following precautions when using said service, you should have no issues.  Make Sure the Company Is Insured No matter what company you hire to take care of this boat transportation service, it's paramount that you make sure they have insurance. If they don't and your boat somehow gets damaged along the way, you would be liable for the costs to fix the damage.
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Need To Haul Your Boat To The Water? 3 Tips For A Safe Towing Job

27 June 2019
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The only problem with owning an oversized boat is that you have to transport your boat to the water if you want to enjoy it. When it comes to towing your boat, there are a few tricks and tips that you need to know to ensure a safe towing job. #1 Check the Towing Capacity of Your Vehicle First, you need to check the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR, which will let you know the total weight that you can pull with your vehicle.
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Helicopter Ride Tips For Those Prone To Motion Sickness

25 April 2019
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There are those who can ride in a car for hours and feel great at the end. Then, there are those who can barely sit in the passenger's seat for 10 minutes without feeling like they're going to hurl. If you fall into the later camp and suffer from serious motion sickness, the mere idea of going up in a helicopter may leave you feeling nervous. Thankfully, there are some ways to manage your motion sickness and make a helicopter ride more pleasant.
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3 Tips To Keep Your Cargo Shipping Costs Down

6 February 2019
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If your company moves a lot of cargo, one of your largest operating expenses is likely your shipping costs. If you are interested in keeping these costs down, it might be time to re-assess how you are currently taking care of your shipping needs. Here are three cargo transportation tips that might help you and your bottom line. Are There Products That Can Travel By Ground or Sea? Does your business ship a lot of cargo by air?
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